AAT caters to the following Industries:

Cosmetics Industry:

Emollients Emulsifiers ...
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Food and Pharmaceutical Industries:

Antifoams Stabilizers Emulsifiers ...
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Coatings, sealants and adhesives:

Plasticizers Antifoams Silane Crosslinkers Adhesion Promoters Silica Products List: Coatings_Samsung_Methylene Chloride ...
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Textile Mills and Garment Factories:

Sizing Products Pretreatment Products Dyeing/Printing/Washing products Finishing Products Our Products: Textile_STRUKSILON F531_GB_TECH amino silicone Textile_STRUKSILON F561_amino silicone Textile_STRUKSILON FA_textile ...
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Plastic and Rubber Industries :

Antioxidants Optical Brighteners Processing aids Plasticizers Lubricants ...
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Polyurethane Industry:

Silicone surfactants Amine Catalysts Tin Catalyst Polyol TDI Machinery Our Products: Polyurethane Industry_AAT CAT SN9 Stannous Octoate Polyurethane Industry_AAT Amine ...
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