About Us

About Us
AAT was established to service the major industries in the Gulf Area and Middle East.
Our aim is to provide a complete service package for our customers. Having this in mind we have collaborated with reputable suppliers that are present worldwide to bring their expertise closer to our customers.

We do cater to the following industries:
Polyurethane Industry: Slabstock flexible foam, rigid system house, Molded Foam.
Textile Mills and Garment Factories.
Oilfield and Gas Industries.
Coatings, sealants and adhesives.
Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Cosmetics Industry.
Plastic and Rubber Industries.

We are distributing and stocking in our warehouses: Silicone Surfactants , Amine Catalysts, Tin Catalyst, Polyol, TDL, Antifoams, Molecular Sieves, Glycols, Amines.

Arabian Agencies and Trading FZCO, was established to service the major industries in the Gulf Area and Middle East. Our aim is to provide a complete service package for our customers. We have collaborated with reputable PU raw material and mattress, bedding machinery to bring their expertise closer to our customers and we are supplying from our stock all necessary products.


Arabian Agencies and Trading FZCO, representing the following world class manufacturers as an Agent and distributor in UAE and Middle East region for machinery and Raw materials and offering the quality services in PU Industry.




‘ELEKTROTEKS’ – TURKEY: one of the leading mattress and bedding machinery manufacturer based in Turkey. Elektroteks supplies Quilting machines, Border machines Tape Edge machines, Spring machines and spring assembly machines and packing machines. The first double needle continuous quilting machine in Turkey was produced by Elektroteks and pioneered many innovations in the bedding industry.  We provide complete and best solutions with our technical experts. Please visit www.elektroteks.com for the product list.



‘LAADER BERG – Norway’: Laader Berg is the inventor of Maxfoam, the world’s leading and most used foaming system. With over 50 years experience and expertise in the foaming industry, at Laader Berg, devoted to meeting Customer’s demands for the highest quality foams and innovative solutions based upon the maxfoam process. Laader Berg supplies continuous Slabstock polyurethane foam production machines.




FECKEN KIRFEL – Germany’: Fecken Kirfel manufactures cutting machines for processing PU flexible foam, PU flexible foam, PE foam and rigid foam and rubber, neoprene and cork.  Fecken Kirfel also manufactures special Versions for fleece, honeycomb material, felt, and other specialty materials.



SEFA CHEMICALS – Turkey: Sefa chemicals produces SOFEX ADHESIVEs for Matress, Furniture, Upholstery, shoe, construction and automotive industry.  Application fields for Matress & Upholstery are Bonding of foam to foam, foam on felt foam on fabric, felt on felt, foam to wood.  Sefa Chemicals introducing HOTMELT the next generation of solvents free Adhesives for furniture, Foam and fabric bond with long shelf-life.  Kindly visit www.sefox.net for more details.



Schill + Seilacher “STRUKTOL” – Germany: Struktol one of the leading silicon and catalyst manufacturer.  and an acclaimed producer of additives and special auxiliaries, able to offer and produce customized products for a lot of applications.  The use of stabilizers, catalysts, additives and softeners offers cost efficient solutions, helping minimize VOC emissions and optimizing the status of silicones to meet specific requirements. We respond proactively to individual demands and wishes of customers, providing first class advice and technical support. Kindly visit www.struktol.de for more information.


MDI (Cosmonate M-200):                                                                      

KUMHO MITSUI’ – Korea: Kumho one of the leading MDI manufacturer. We always keep the stocks to supply the PU industry. We also arrange direct shipments from Kumho, based on customer requirements.




‘JURONG NINGWU – China’: Jurong Ningwu the leading polymer polyols (POP) manufacturer.Jurong Ningwu produces, polyols for cold cure HR foams, flexible high hardness stabstock foams. To improve the better service to customers Jurong Ningwu appointed AAT as their agent for UAE and ME region.  Depends on the volumes, we assure to provide best price and payment terms.




‘SAMSUNG – Korea’: We are a sole distributor and stockiest for high quality Methylene Chloride manufactured by SAMSUNG – Korea. We keep the stocks and supply all over middle east region.  We also arrange direct shipments.


In addition to the above we are distributing and stocking: Amine Catalysts, Tin Catalyst,  TDI, Antifoams, Molecular Sieves,  Glycols , plasticizers, Amines, Glycerin.


Our technical and sales team will be pleased to answer any questions and to assist you with advice and information.  We look forward for your valuable enquiries, and assured you of our best service at all the times.